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Cannabis software is necessary for stakeholders in the cannabis industry to streamline cultivation, production, inventory management, sales and distribution, compliance with regulations, and financial reporting. Among a growing list of Cannabis software development companies in the US, the following software companies set the industry standard for tracking seed to sale.

Seed-for-sale tracking is precisely what the name suggests: Complex cannabis laws require weed companies to track their wares from seed to sale to establish that they’re sourcing seeds through legal channels. . Concretely, this means maintaining a database that traces products through cultivation, production, distribution, and sale.

But it’s not just about a ledger showing where a product has been. Cannabis software for tracking seeds-to-sale typically includes the following among many others:

  • real-time tracking for regulators;
  • state approval at different stages;
  • laboratory test results.

It also typically contains tools for companies to track their products, applicable laws, and business in general. These may include tax compliance tools, payroll, and job boards. To be successful in the cannabis industry, you need a robust online ordering platform to manage orders and help facilitate all the logistics involved in delivering products to your customers.

Here are a few key features to look for in a cannabis SaaS platform:

  • The ability to facilitate order placement and documentation
  • Get to the bottom of which counties and cities allow cannabis delivery
  • Distribution and tracking of cannabis deliveries
  • Analyze deliveries and optimize them to increase delivery speed and reduce delivery costs.
  • Customer Identity Verification
  • The ability to dynamically calculate sales tax by region
  • Detailed and real-time inventory tracking
  • Loyalty program and integrated marketing tools

Your point of sale (POS) is linked to your cannabis delivery online ordering platform. Your online ordering strategy will reach its full potential with a complete and integrated point of sale. So what do you need?

We all know that the cannabis industry is proliferating — but did you know that Cannabis software development, in particular, is one of the most promising revenue streams out there? While COVID-19 has undoubtedly played a catalytic role in the growth of cannabis software development, it’s a trend here to stay. Read on to find out which Top cannabis software development companies in the US you need to collaborate with to be successful.

  1. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is a Cannabis software development consultancy that creates technology to help businesses compete in the highly regulated cannabis industry. You can focus on managing your business activities with our proven compliance solutions.

Our solutions for cannabis and hemp growers include full integration of cultivation, harvesting, processing, inventory, sales, finance, and reporting to automate and streamline your operations.

Cannabis ERP

In this competitive and highly regulated industry, maximizing your performance while minimizing costs and ensuring your compliance is essential. Our ERP simplifies your work.

ERP for process manufacturing

Improve inventory visibility, streamline production processes, and meet traceability requirements to create a solid foundation for your growth.

OEE Process Manufacturing

Connect your equipment and leverage real-time production information to analyze, monitor, and improve availability, performance, and quality.

Ready to transform your business? We have specialized ERP solutions to meet your industry’s challenges. From seed-to-sale process tracking to wholesale buying and selling reporting, their solutions work together to create a compliant and efficient environment for your organization.

2. PROTEUS 420

Proteus is a very well-known Cannabis App Development Company that streamlines operations, helps cannabis industry stakeholders stay compliant, and leverages data to improve the bottom line of industry players. The company’s ERP includes cultivation, manufacturing, warehousing, CRM, orders, and quality management modules. In addition, its management software makes it possible to trace the seed for sale. They have become the go-to solution for cannabis businesses of all sizes, with customers in over 12 countries. The company has been credited with generating significant cost savings and operational efficiencies for its customers. The company has been credited with generating significant cost savings and operational efficiencies for its customers.


Distru is a Cannabis and Marijuana software Development Company that builds technology to support cannabis businesses. They help shape a world where safe access to cannabis is universal, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They develop tools that promote transparency, facilitate compliance, and build trust between cannabis licensees, government agencies, and the public. Their customers use our products to create complete visibility of the origin and chain of custody of any cannabis product they produce. Their customers and partners are intrinsic to our success and the evolution of the cannabis industry. They work to create new products and improve our current offering while maintaining the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and regulatory compliance.

They partner with world-class technology companies, start-ups, consultants, and banking institutions — together, they hope to create a seamless business experience for the global cannabis industry.

4. Cova

Cova is a Cannabis Marijuana mobile app Development Company that provides everything from seed tracking to sales tracking to market forecasts for the industry. In particular, their program can be tailored to weed businesses, including vertically integrated businesses, dispensaries, delivery services, extractors, and cannabis oil growers. In addition, their solutions can create comprehensive data reports. And provides marketing support based on this data. Specifically, this cannabis software is aimed at growers and dispensaries requiring point-of-sale systems, manufacturers, and processors.

5. BioTrack THC

It is easier for companies to monitor and seed products once they are sold. By their estimates, BioTrack THC has over 20,000. Their Cannabis software development services have tracked at least five million plants. BioTrackTHC’s capabilities include a chain of custody and referral tracking of involved parties; analyzing business trends within the system; registering companies, buyers, doctors, strains, and other product information; follow-up of plants, packaging, and harvest. BioTrackTHC cannabis software solutions and services are designed for all types of cannabis businesses and have the following features:

  • Protected Chain of Custody Records
  • Inventory tracked, including crop yield.
  • Growers can analyze trimming yields down to moisture levels.
  • Extractors can understand their cost per gram, regardless of the process used.
  • Growers can track plants every step of the way.
  • BioTrack THC services provide high levels of customization for different types of cannabis businesses and can create reports on all of them.

6. Fabric. inc

Strict oversight on medical and recreational marijuana means you have choices regarding compliance. You can use a homemade solution or a basic LIMS ( Laboratory Information Management System) to handle the nuances of marijuana testing. You can also trust their SaaS that comes pre-built to take seed tracking for sale with the below features:

  • Two-way interface with external cannabis platforms
  • SOC-2 certified and compliant with the latest data integrity regulatory guidelines
  • Access on any browser on any device
  • 24/7 Support

Organizations of all sizes trust Fabric. inc to streamline their lab documentation processes. Fabric. inc provides reliable data beyond seed-to-sale tracking. For example, they can calculate customer retention rates, help companies submit licenses, and create long-term financial plans.

Their cannabis software provides everything from seed tracking to sales tracking to market forecasts for the industry. In particular, they are one of the Top cannabis software development firms in the US; their solutions can be tailored to different weed businesses, including vertically integrated companies, dispensaries, delivery services, extractors, and cannabis oil growers.


Today, Trym’s software allows marijuana growers to optimize their crop yields, cookie or infused candy makers to track their test results for new formulas, and stores to manage their orders. Each time the product changes hands, a document must be produced to satisfy government requirements regarding traceability. By tracing the development from seed to sale, the software saves time and money for the whole chain and shows the legislator that the sector can operate responsibly. This is the key to Trym’s growing custom-built cannabis software solutions and one of the reasons for being rated as the best cannabis software development company in the US.


Blaze is a Cannabis Software consulting firm that aims to facilitate the management of businesses through its multiple features. It meets certain specific criteria, in particular, its adaptation to all types of companies, all products being able to comply with its capacities. Their software has 200 features or more. As a result, you can quickly improve your business’s management with a unique and intuitive interface.

In addition, they have developed essential features for the unified management of your business:

  • Fast and simplified collection
  • Calculation of the price by product weight (on a scale)
  • Client book management
  • Automated accounting
  • Accounting export in approved language
  • Inventory/procurement management
  • Stock tracking alert
  • Help with decision accuracy
  • Analysis of sales, margins, costs
  • Performance analysis and turnover
  • Multi-users
  • E-commerce synchronization (optional)
  • VAT rate calculation

And many more features to discover.

9. FloEnvy

Are you looking to take your cannabis business to the next level? Their software solutions help you keep track of your real growth, from seed to harvest. Their tools allow you to take photos, enter data by individual plant, choose a date for harvesting, pruning, topping, nutrient supply, watering, and more.

Going even further, FloEnvy allows you to access thousands of growth data from other users. This data gives you a whole perspective on how other growers grow particular strains, how they were trained, nurtured, or watered, what issues they had, how they were resolved, and more. Finally, FloEnvy includes a lively community of Cannabis software consultants. Their Cannabis software development services plan is straightforward: to show the way to cannabis lovers who seek it.

10. EdgeFinity IOT

Do you want to test the cultivation of your favorite variety without actually setting foot in a garden, or a grow room? EdgeFinity IOT lets you simulate growing your cannabis on a small scale by developing a single plant and closely monitoring its growth from seed to harvest.

EdgeFinity IoT gives you meticulous control over all parts of your grow, including your soil’s PPM and pH, temperature and humidity, watering, power, light distance and duration, pruning, FIM, topping, and other forms of training for huge and bountiful harvests. In addition, their Cannabis software developers offer Cannabis software development solutions for various B2B marketplaces with best-in-class ERP services.

Wrapping Up

Today, the best Cannabis software companies in the market offer more than supply chain management. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, cannabis software companies celebrate innovation, passion, and belonging. As stewards of an emerging industry, we are responsible for building sustainable tools for the future and acting ethically.

Our list above is a curation of the leaders in the cannabis software industry who are at the forefront of technological infrastructure. Business owners can create complete visibility of the origin and chain of custody of any cannabis product they produce. Cannabis software development solutions can analyze market trends, help business owners reduce expenses, and simplify payroll and HR management. Despite the complexity of cannabis regulations, entrepreneurs are finding ways to innovate their businesses with Cannabis software development services.



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